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Proudly Providing Weed Control & Fertilization Services in the Oklahoma Area

Early spring Pre & Post Emergent + Pre Emergent for Nutsedge +

Fertilization & Pre Emergent B + Early Summer Fertilization and Weed Control + Mid Summer Fertilization and Weed Control + Fall Broadleaf Pre-Emergent + Late Fall Soil Conditioner

Weed Control Services in Tulsa Oklahoma

Our Services

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Perfect Turf was established to give our residential and commercial clients a professional lawn care experience.


Our company is founded on our 5 core values.  Teamwork, continuous improvement, generosity, integrity and honesty. With those core values as our foundation, that separates our services from the competition. With excellent customer service from our office staff, to our field staff our standards are high to give the customer, Perfect Turf. 

Fertilization services in Tulsa Oklahoma

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