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What We Offer

Weed Control, we know how frustrating it is to have weeds in your yard. Let us make your turf perfect this season by applying our 7 step treatment plan to your turf. 

Core Aeration

Core aeration is key to giving your lawn a healthy root system. 2-4 plugs are applied on your turf to increase water and nutrient intake to strengthen the turf. With the constant changing of our Oklahoma climate throughout the year, core aeration is ideal for your lawn to have when fighting our common Oklahoma droughts. This service strengthens the root system which delivers a healthy lawn, and perfect turf. 

7 Step Treatment Plan

What our customers are saying:

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Round 1 in the months of February and March is an application to prevent unwanted crabgrass and other summer annual weeds. This treatment involves blanket spraying your grass by a technician certified for the job. This round 1 application does not prevent all the weeds in Oklahoma soil, which is why our next round is so important for our climate. 


Round 2 in the months of March and April consists of spot spraying those unwanted broadleaf weeds and dandelions to make sure they are non-existent and adding a slow release fertilizer to give your turf a jumpstart to perfection. 


Round 3 Is our early summer fertilization. In the months of May to June we apply our summer fertilizer mix to give your grass the nutrients it needs to become healthy and green. During this application broadleaf weeds are spot sprayed to make your turf the perfect spot for a picnic with the family. 


Round 4 is our application that takes place in June and July. This application gives your grass the nutrients it needs to contain that green lush look during those hot summer months and spot spraying the unnecessary broadleaf weeds. This round is super important if you want to be the talk of the neighborhood during the 4th of july barbeque. 


Round 5 is our last fertilizer application for the season. This application gives the turf a boost of nutrients to keep it healthy and green throughout the hot months of July and August. Spot spraying broadleaf weeds during this time is also included in round 5. 


Round 6 involves a broadleaf weed treatment. As Oklahoma weather becomes cooler, the broadleaf weeds want to thrive. Our goal during this time in the months of September and October is keeping the lawn weed free and making sure that the unwanted growth in your turf is exterminated. 


Round 7 takes place in the months of October thru November. This application is a blanket coat on your turf making sure that any unwanted broadleaf weeds are sprayed and a special chemical mix is applied so in the early stages of spring, your lawn is weed free from the most common spring weed in Oklahoma known as Henbit. 

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Irrigation Services

Irrigation is ideal to give your lawn that healthy amount of water intake during the hot summer dry months. It is imperative to water your turfgrass during the season for it to maintain that healthy lush green look. Let us come and run through your system at the beginning of the year and make sure all heads are working properly so that when the Oklahoma heat hits, your yard is ready. With many years of experience from our team, we noticed an area that needed significant improvement within our region. Perfect Turf is the company to call for all your irrigation repairs and installs. 

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